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Virtual Market Place VMP

The VMP standard, the Cross Community Virtual Marketplace, is the outcome of close collaboration between several communities within the ornamental horticulture industry. The term ‘Cross Community’ emphasizes the need of interoperability between different VMP platforms. The aim of sharing common business rules and common implementation conventions is to bring interoperability to a higher level. Most of the business rules in the VMP standard from Floricode are derived from the FloraHolland VMP implementation on FloraMondo due to their generic character.

VMP version 1p0
At 13 october 2018 10 of the participants of the VMP community agreed by manifest to implement version 1p0 per 1 January 2019. These 10 companies agree to have introduced this new standard on 1 January 2019. This version consists of technical changes to further improve the exchange of supply and decreases load on the server of the users in comparison with the earlier version VMP 0.7. Floricode supports them with the provision of test facilities in the TestCentre. Read more....(NL)

Proposal for a new version (version 1p1)
In January 2020 Floricode presented the results of a pilot, a proposal for version 1.1.  In this version it is possible to create ‘catalog’ supply for the long term anytime in the future; no restrictions apply to the order- or delivery period. The prices may vary in time and product characteristics can get more specific when the delivery period gets closer by. This proposal is the result of a workgroup with Advisor, Axerrio, SDF and Hamiplant and later proven in pilot by Advisor and Axerrio.
As discussed with the VMP Community (3th of march 2020) this proposal will stay just as proposal, because:

  1. The actual Floriday developments with API's bring way too much uncertainty for the current trading with the VMP standards
  2. In practice we always support 2 versions of a standard as a maximum, up until now the version v0.7 rules >90% of the connections

Management and maintenance
In July 2016 the Working Group Standards (WGS) and the CC VMP community accepted a proposal for the Process community VMP (ENG) / Werkwijze community VMP (NL).

Request for Changes (RFC)
Request for Changes (RFC) can be submitted via info@floricode.com. Applicants and participants are kept informed about the status and comments.

Rapid procedure for changes
Some Requests for Changes may need to be processed on short notice. For these RFC’s a rapid procedure is developed in order to get a temporary solution. These RFC’s must be submitted to Floricode. We will evaluate the request and will discuss a temporary solution (as described in the documentation). Other participants will be informed about temporary solutions.