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Product registration

For plant breeders and growers, having an independent and reliable registration system for their new products is of major importance. In the Netherlands, a new floriculture product should be registered with Floricode before its introduction to the market. Floricode registers and manages the nomenclature, taxonomic description and the botanical characteristics of new products. This registration also includes having these products photographed. All of this data then becomes accessible to anyone in Floricode’s Plantscope system.

Online registration
To get to the login screen, press the ‘registration form‘ button. If you do not have an account for online registration with Floricode yet, you will first have to complete the ‘application form for this service and then return it. After Floricode has received and processed this form, you will receive an email containing your account details.

Completing the online registration form taking 4 steps. You can also use the pop-up helps to answer any questions you might have about the registration procedure. If registration attempts fail, you can contact Floricode. We will then assist you with the registration of your products.

tel.: +31(0)71 3051571
fax: +31(0)71 3051577