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Stichting Floricode

‘A small-scaled, goal-oriented and highly competent organization that ensures the floriculture sector of having everything it needs to conduct its business efficiently in digital form.’ This is what the sector expects from Floricode.

A single portal for the registration and coding of floriculture products. Just one agency that develops and manages these standards that allow all the users in the supply chain - growers, wholesale traders, plant breeders, providers of logistics services and auctions - and their software providers, to exchange commercial, logistical and financial information. This is Floricode: an organisation run for and by users and managed by and on behalf of the supply chain organisations.

Dutch floriculture is one of the leading sectors in the Dutch economy. The sector has expressed the goal of being number one in the field of information management in the horticultural supply chains in Europe by 2015 and in the world by 2020. This will require a goal-oriented, competent organisation like Floricode: a central point of support to which the supply chain can turn for the registrations, standards and codes it needs for its information management.

Floricode registers, codes, standardizes and distributes information and data to support the international floriculture supply chain. These four priorities are:

  • Registration
    Floricode registers and manages the nomenclature and taxonomic description of products and their botanical characteristics. This registration also includes having these products photographed.
  • Coding
    Floricode manages the codes needed for online trade in the floriculture sector; these include the product codes (VBN), the regulatory characteristics (VBN), the GTIN and GPC codes (GS1), the company and location codes (GS1), and the codes for logistical resources and process variables.
  • Standardization
    Floricode is developing and managing open messaging standards for the electronic exchange of commercial, logistical and financial information.
  • Distribution
    Floricode makes all of its information, products and services available by such means as its website and also organises gatherings and events intended to inform the supply chain of the latest developments.