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Floricode devotes the utmost attention to the information that it distributes on its website as well as all the websites in the Floricode domain. Nevertheless, Floricode cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and timeliness of this information. Neither can any rights be derived from the information contained in this website and or the websites in the Floricode domain. Floricode is not liable for any direct or indirect or other damage arising from, or related in any manner whatsoever to, the use of these sites or the information included in them, or any difficulty in using these sites, or the information contained therein, at any given time.

Any references to other websites and hyperlinks have been included solely for the information of visitors to these sites. Floricode does not make any warranties regarding the contents or reliability, in whatever respect, of such websites and hyperlinks.

Floricode reserves all rights regarding the information on these sites. This information may not be disclosed or processed in any other manner without the prior permission of Floricode.





Floricode safeguards the privacy of visitors of the websites referred to and users of the services and ensures that the personal information provided by visitors is treated in confidence in accordance with privacy legislation.  

The following describes what information Floricode collects and how that information is used. 

By using the information on the website and the services, you agree to this privacy statement.  

Floricode reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. Changes will be published on this website. 

Reason for data collection/processing 

Personal data of visitors on the public part of the websites are not processed. Personal data of customers are processed by Floricode to effect efficient and effective business operations, in particular in the context of the provision of various services and the performance of the following activities: 
- Using the private areas of Floricode's websites: Floricode.com, Floribar.floricode.com, Floribook.eu and Plantscope.nl 
- Managing the subscriptions and access to the services of registration, coding, standardisation and distribution  

- Invoicing subscriptions and services provided 

- as well as managing the relationships resulting from this, also including: activities aimed at increasing the number of subscribers. 


Floricode asks customers for, among other things, their business and/or personal data (including: their name, address, email or other address details, telephone number, website, account password, etc.) 

Data entered on an application form via the website or email are stored as long as necessary for us to fully answer or process that application depending on the nature of the form or the content of your email. 

After you have been approved as a customer, those personal details are included and managed in the CRM and possibly in the accounting system as long as you use this service (such as a subscription).  

Your business and/or personal data will also be recorded, managed and distributed to companies that are active in the horticultural industry in the form of so-called ‘code lists’, in order to digitally exchange data in the chain among the trading partners. Users of this service have taken out a subscription with Floricode for this, which is subject to the guidelines that are included in the General Conditions.

Sharing with third parties  

Floricode can use the services of third parties to process your data in accordance with this Privacy Statement. These third parties hereby act as a processor for Floricode, while Floricode ensures that these parties offer sufficient guarantees in respect of the technical and organisational security measures.   Third parties that act as a processor for Floricode have entered into a processing agreement with Floricode, which includes, among other things, the stipulation that they will only process the personal data on Floricode's instructions. 

System logbooks 

The systems that Floricode uses to, among other things, be able to show the websites to the visitors, collect technical data on the visitor's requests. This includes the IP address, the browser, the requested page/file and the time of the request. This information is only intended to be able to detect abuse of the systems. Floricode will keep this information anonymously, not linked to other personal information and will not provide it to third parties. 

Privacy policy of third parties 

Floricode uses Google Analytics in order to track how users use the websites and how they view the websites (including: what operating system, web browser, resolution). The information acquired in this way, including the address of your computer (IP address), is transferred to servers Google has in the USA.Read Google's privacy policy for more information, as well as the specific Google Analytics privacy policy

Google uses this information to track how our websites are used and to be able to provide us with reports on the websites. Google may supply this information to a third party if it is legally required to do so or in so far as those parties process those data on Google’s behalf. Floricode has no control over that. Floricode has not permitted Google to use any Analytics information for other Google services. 


Floricode only places ‘functional’ codes on visitors’ computers, in order to guarantee the operation of the websites. These cookies expire at the same time as the session. Via Floricode's websites, cookies of the American company Google are placed, as part of the Analytics service. Floricode uses this service to record the visitors to our website and to obtain reports on how they use the website. These cookies can be valid up to two years. Google may supply this information to a third party if it is legally required to do so or in so far as another party processes that data on Google’s behalf. Floricode has no control over that. Read Google's privacy policy and cookie policy for more information.  Visitors can choose to disable cookies by using the browser's settings. Select the browser's help function (the F1 button on the keyboard) or visit the help pages

of Google ChromeMozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer to see how this works. 

Latest news 

Floricode regularly issues a newsletter with updates and things worth knowing. The email address of a visitor is only added to the list of subscribers with that visitor's express consent. Each newsletter contains a link you can click to unsubscribe. The subscriber file of the newsletter is not shared with third parties. 


Security of data  


 Floricode has implemented technical and organisational security measures to protect customers’ data against loss, abuse and unauthorised access by third parties. Moreover, Floricode has obliged its IT provider to also take such appropriate technical and organisational security measures. 


Privacy rights of visitors  

Visitors can request Floricode in writing to inspect their personal data. If the data provided by Floricode contain inaccuracies, the visitor can request Floricode in writing to change or remove those data. In addition, visitors can request Floricode in writing, stating their reasons, to limit their personal data, or they can object against the processing of their personal data. Requests/objections must be addressed to: Stichting Floricode • Sotaweg 21 • 2371 GA Roelofarendsveen • fax 071 3051570 •
info@floricode.com • www.floricode.com