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Company codes in the floriculture sector

As soon as company A’s details are included in the administrative records of company or organisation B, company A is assigned a unique indentification code. This is often a debtor or creditor number. In the floriculture sector, each company has more than one of these indentification codes: its grower numbers or debtor numbers at an auction, a debtor number at its carrier, a registration number at FloriData, etc. For the purpose of electronic messaging between growers, auctions, wholesale traders, carriers and other organisations, it would be convenient for every company to have just one code. This is precisely what Floricode is enabling.

A unique company code is being assigned, per debtor or grower number, to all wholesale traders, growers and other organisations affiliated with the Dutch auctions. This unique company code is being used in electronic messaging (electronic orders, deliveries, invoices, etc.). Because every computer system recognizes this number, the information being sent is automatically linked to the right administrative records in the recipient’s system.

Floricode maintains this data (with the assistance of the auctions being critical in these efforts) and publishes the most recently updated data every week. The software suppliers then ensure that this data can also be stored in your own computer system. When a grower requests a new grower number at an auction, Floricode will issue another unique company code for this grower during that very same week.

In issuing these codes, Floricode is applying GS1’s internationally standardised system of Global Location Numbers (GLN). This guarantees an opportunity to make connections for international trade, including trade with the retail sector.

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