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FloriBar (formerly CLG)

FloriBar - formerly Codering Levend Groen (CLG) - is a uniform coding system for ornamental plants and flowers which are to be scanned at the Point of Sale (POS) in garden centers, D.I.Y. shops, supermarkets and flower shops. CLG is the result of a research carried out in 1999/2000 within the whole Dutch ornamental plants and flower chain. Floricode now supports the release of these codes.
One uniform coding system results in a fine-tuning of this scanning within all links of the supply chain at an international level.

The structure of the FloriBar codes is the widely used EAN13 of GS1, also known as the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) found on almost every consumer product in supermarkets.
The main difference between the usual GTIN and the FloriBar codes is the way in which the codes are assigned to the ornamental plants and flowers. FloriBar codes are only assigned to ornamental plants and cut flowers which are sold in retail and to those types which have relevant characteristics. If a variance, for example leaf colour, is of relevance or it is not differentiated for the concerning type, Floricode will not assign a new FloriBar code based on this variance.

To apply for a code, contact floribar.floricode.com