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When registering new products, also digital images of these products are made. Floricode makes these images available to plant breeders, growers or florists who may use them for their advertising materials, websites or webshops. Wholesale traders often include these images in their websites and webshops to give customers an idea of what a product, auctioned in an immature stage, will look like when it reaches the consumer. Auctions use the images for their auction clock sales.

The format of the digital images that we make available is determined by the required use. Below you see some examples. Most software, e.q. for a webshop, adjusts the format of images automatically to the screen size of the user. If so, the larges images are the best choice. If not then you better can choose the smaller images. Digital images with a high resolution are suitable for a website of for flyers.

Floricode makes the digital images available through a FTP service in two resolutions (227x227 and 640x640). The images can be downloaded automatically by your software to update your own data bank e.q. for your webshop. Once a week the images of new registered and coded floricultural products are added to our FTP service. Up until now in this way more than 30.000 images are available from products that came to the market. 

Digital images are available from the floricultural products that are both registered ánd coded. Not all products are officially registered; in these cases digital images are not available.

If you are interested in this service, please send us the form Foto Distribution for continuous actual images.

The prices of this service can be find here.

Examples 227x227

227x227 example of 113190
227x227 example of 124020
227x227 example of 247961

Examples 640x480

640x480 example of 113190

640x480 example of 124020

640x480 example of 247961