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Floriculture Logistic Label

When transporting flowers and plants in the Netherlands often an ‘auction delivery note’ is used. The delivery note identifies each load carrier and as such the flower or plant lots which are on that load carrier.

More and more often however this auction delivery note  is no longer used in transport of flowers and plants. E.g. when delivering large lots from grower direct to retailer. Or deliveries of non-auction growers and the transport from one auction location to another location of lots bought via KOA (Remote Buying). And finally also the transport from the wholesale trader to his customers in the country and abroad.

Together with the concerning parties from the sector  and GS1, Floricode has set up business rules as to how these transports can be performed at best. Therefore it is necessary to use the standard Floriculture Logistic Label.

What is on this label?
The upper part of the label is used for the address information of the sender and receiver. The middle part carries the unique code of the load carrier to which this label is affixed. This is a so-called Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). In the lower part of the label the SSCC code is shown in a barcode which can be read by scanners.

Application of the label
The Floriculture Logistic Label is used on load carriers like auction trolleys, Danish trolleys and pallets, but can also be applied on the commercial packing. Thus for trade companies it is made possible to divide the individual packages fast and correctly to the various customers.

A label with a SSCC code and a barcode as such is not yet sufficient for the optimal use. Of course all information about the content of a load carrier, such as the product names and -codes, the number of packages and the number of pieces, must be exchanged between  supplier and his client with the help of electronic messages. For this Floricode’ s standard messages are available. Most software packages for floriculture support these standard messages, which makes it relatively simple to use the Floriculture Logistic Label.

The instructions for the use of the Floriculture Logistic Label and the technical specifications for printing of barcodes and labels are to be found in the brochure, which Floricode and GS1 have drawn up together.