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Sorting codes


Flowers and plants exist in countless different forms and stages. They can vary in terms of shape, volume and ripeness and other aspects. To keep trade in plants and flowers transparent despite this diversity, the products are sorted into uniform batches with the same characteristics. Each characteristic has a code. These codes are presented in the sorting code. This allows growers, auctions and purchasing traders to quickly see what product is being traded.

The sorting code provides information with the product on a limited number of characteristics that determine sales. For cut flowers, the sorting code provides information on the stem length, weight and other sorting characteristics. For house plants and garden plants, the sorting code provides information on the pot size, height or diameter of the plant, the number of plants or cuttings per pot and other characteristics, such as the ripeness or thickness of the product.

The most common characteristic codes for cut flowers and plants are here available as a download. An overview of the definitions of the existing sorting codes can be downloaded here.

For the most current product information, including the sorting characteristics, make use of the FloriBook app or go to Product Code Search.