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Software manuals for buyers and growers

Floricode worked together with the participating software providers specializing in software products for the floricultural sector to develop software manuals for both  wholesalers and growers of flowers and plants.

The primary goal of these software manuals is to increase the transparency of the market in IT business systems for buyers and growers. After all, users will greatly benefit from this transparency. Not only will they be able to make a good choice, but transparency also encourages healthy competition in the market for these IT business systems with regard to their quality, performance, service and price.

The software manuals are being developed due to the active participation of the Dutch providers of software for the floriculture sector; they are ensuring that the information included in the software manuals about their companies, their products and the users of their products is kept up to date. The software providers who applied  as a participant of Floricode have the possibility to join  in the composition of this software manual. These providers are actively using the Floricode standards and codes in their software applications.

The latest version of the software manual for buyers and the one for growers became available on November 28 2016. This version includes an overview of the most relevant active E-Commerce systems in our sector. Also included in these publications are the findings of the verification of the information supplied in the manuals, this verification having been conducted by Floricode among the participating Dutch software providers. This verification increases the reliability of the software manuals and makes them substantially more usable for growers and buyers. 

Click here to open the software manual for growers (NL) or here for the software manual for buyers (NL).