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Product codes GTIN - Global Trade Item Number

Floriculture working on the use of GTIN: Global Trade Item Number
Over the last ten years, the floriculture sector has shifted from a supply-driven to a demand-driven approach. Increased globalisation is enlarging markets but is also increasing competition. The importance of import and export as compared to domestic production and consumption is growing.
Large-scale growers are dealing directly with retailers in other countries. Cooperation among growers, in the form of growers’ associations, is on the rise. Sales channels no longer consist of just specialist retailers but also retailers carrying a wide assortment of products.
Organisations within the sector need more information as well as better ways to manage their commercial, logistical and financial processes. Making these further gains in efficiency requires the use of ICT.

A uniform system
The floriculture sector uses not only the GS1 barcode standard but also several other coding systems. Some garden centres, for example, use the CLG (Living Greenery Coding) coding system, the VBN has its own codes, and many companies use their own internal coding systems. The objective is to arrive at a uniform system used both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Floricode and GS1 Nederland have developed a manual entitled ‘Manual for the usage of GS1 Identification keys in the floriculture sector', intended to improve the efficiency of the coding process. Foreign companies wanting more information about GS1 can contact Floricode’s helpdesk. We will be pleased to assist you.