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Product code search

This search mechanism allows you to make a detailed search for a product with the associated product details and information on the associated codings. You can do this by filling in one or more of the criteria listed below:

  1. Application: You should always choose the correct main group: Cut flowers, Indoor Plants or Outdoor Plants. If you wish to select by products of all main groups, you should leave this box empty.
  2. Product code: The ‘VBN’code of the specific product you are looking for.
  3. Product group: The VBN group code of a specific group. It is possible to fill in a main group, e.g. Tulipa 103011 or Rosa 101001, or a sub group e.g. Tulipa single 10301101 or Rosa large flowered 10100101.
  4. Product (group) name: Here a (part of) the product group or name can be filled in, using the scientific name e.g. Tulipa in stead of tulip or Rosa in stead of rose.
  5. Download in Excel spreadsheet: When the result of your search is shown on the screen, a link for saving these results in Excel (e.g. all tulip or rose product codes) is shown above the result table.
    The spreadsheet only contains the VBN product code and the product code of the selected products / product group with a maximum of 3000 products.

If you were unable to find the required product in your product code search or Excel spreadsheet, please send an e-mail to productcodering@floricode.com.

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Fair Use Policy
This module is meant to look up one or more codes occasionally.
For large numbers or automated use of codes Floricode offers download and API subscriptions.
Excessive use of the search module can lead to exclusion from use.

Product code

Publication date: 24-06-24 (imported on 24-06-2024 14:30)