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Floricodeā€™s strategic objectives

Floricode is the world’s leading authority in the registration of floriculture products.
In the registration of floriculture products, Floricode registers the complete name of the plant and its product name. Registration enables making clear distinctions between species and varieties included in the commercial assortment and provides the right to the exclusive use of the product name in the trading process. Floricode operates as the international portal for the registration of floriculture products. All of this information is recorded in multilingual form in a single central database while also actively maintaining an international taxonomic network.

Floricode codes products, processes and supply chains.
Codes are of major importance in the electronic messaging between trading partners. Data about companies and items are usually stored in computers in the form of codes that are then used to exchange this data between growers, auction, buyers and carriers. Floricode manages all the code lists relating to floriculture products, processes and supply chains. Once Floricode assumed the responsibility of managing the VBN’s product coding systems in 2013, this established a single international portal for all the codes used in the floriculture sector.

Floricode standardizes the digitisation of the supply chain processes on the basis of international norms and standards.
Digitisation can provide the supply chain for flowers and plants with more profit and enhance the internationally pivotal role of the Netherlands in the flower and plant sector, but this is only the case when the parties in the chain can exchange electronic data. Standardization involves arriving at agreements about digital data exchange and ensuring flawless connections for systems and processes intended to enable this. Floricode develops and manages the standard messages, makes sure that they are kept up to date, and supports the users in making use of the standards. Internationally, Floricode works closely with standardization forums such as GS1, UN/CEFACT and ISO to ensure the international status of its standards.

Floricode distributes its products and services for the international floriculture sector from a single central point.
The supply chain must have access to the latest versions of codes and standards at all times. Because codes can change on a daily basis, Floricode offers various mechanisms to distribute codes quickly and accurately among the trading parties. All the messaging standards are published from a single source and consist of an extensive collection of documents, examples, resources and testing tools that allow the trading parties to implement Floricode’s standards effectively and efficiently. The use of a single centralized distribution system and a client-oriented website contributes to Floricode’s ability to operate as a central portal that provides easy access to all of the products and services its users need.

Floricode actively collaborates with its users about its services in order to continue responding to the needs and developments in the field.