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Floricode carries out projects for the purpose of developing new codes or standards and also to support the first group of users wanting to start applying these standards and codes in their processes and systems. This is always done together with other stakeholders such as growers, buyers, auctions, carriers and software providers. Organisations such as the VGB and KCB could also be involved. Within one or just a few years at most, the first group of users and their software providers will be actively assisted in the correct use of the Floricode standards and codes.

Other projects have more general objectives regarding innovation in the area of information management in horticulture. For these, Floricode is working with such organisations/projects as the Topsector Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen, Frug I Com (fruit and vegetable sector), EDIbulb (flower bulb sector) and Wageningen University. Not only is Floricode participating in the Dutch collective known as Tuinbouw Digitaal, but also with other international projects and activities that are working towards promoting ‘world standards in floriculture’.

These pages provide information a

- The use of GTIN coding in floriculture

- Digital business in nursery stock and perennials

- Logistical Labels for floriculture