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Register of certificates


Floricode administers the register of certificates for floriculture in cooperation with all the important certification bodies worldwide. In this register the certificates for sustainability that a company has are recorded including the period of validity. The register holds among others the data of the different certificates that are issues by GlobalGAP, MPS, Fairtrade, KFC and Florverde, 14 organisations in total. At this moment the register of Floricode contains the data from more that 3400 companies with about 6000 actuel valid certificates. Based on these data Floricode determines if a company meets the criteria for certification from the Floriculture Sustainabilty Initiative (FSI).

How to use

Traders (importers and exporters) use the data out of this register in their purchase systems and selling systems. The purchagers can select the products from suppliers that fulfill the wishes for sustainability of their customers. Customers can select the products that fulfill their wishes in the webshops of the wholesalers.

Royal FloraHolland shows the actual data of certification of their suppliers in their selling systems and the auctions clocks show if a company is 'FSI –compliant’.

How to obtain

The certificate data can be obtained:


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