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Location codes in the floriculture sector

In the floriculture sector, it is common to use the billing address to indicate a loading/unloading location. However this may lead to confusion and misunderstandings because a company is often located at another address. Due to the growing need for doing business online, it has become very important to have a more accurate way of indicating loading/unloading locations by providing them with a unique code. With the project launched a few years ago and known as ‘Location Codes in the Floriculture Supply Chain’, the floriculture sector has taken a step into the future of doing business online.

The use of uniform location codes enables the exchange of unequivocal electronic transport orders within the sector.
By placing barcoded location signs at this location, carriers can scan the actual loading/unloading location for products and follow their consignments (tracking & tracing).

In 2009 and 2010, Floricode coded the loading/unloading locations at all the auction grounds as well as the locations of all the wholesale traders and growers in the Netherlands and placed a barcoded location sign at each one. Floricode is now actively managing these location codes. New loading/unloading locations in the floriculture sector in the Netherlands are receiving a location code. And new location signs are periodically ordered and sent to the owners of these locations. In issuing these codes, Floricode applies GS1’s internationally standardized system for the coding of locations.

Floricode also developed a standard transport message allowing growers to send transport messages to carriers by email. Software suppliers are being encouraged to enable this by means of their packages.

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