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Product codes Floriculture

Each product traded through the floricultural auction is identified by its own product code, before VBN codes. This code is used in every transaction conducted at the auction. The auctions also use the product coding system for their financial and logistics processing.

The product codes are initially used by the parties involved in trading through the auctions: growers, purchasing wholesale traders and the auctions themselves. Product codes can also be used to identify or communicate about a product throughout the chain, from plant breeder to retailer. The current product code database for cut flowers, house plants and garden plants can be found at the Floricode website.

Almost 20,000 different plants and flowers are traded by name at the VBN auctions, each with its own product code. On average, 2,000 new products enter the market each year. Products also disappear from the assortment. This means the code database is continually changing. The overview of changes (downloadable from this page) shows recent revisions. New product codes are included in the overview of new product codes .

Product information is also callable through the Floribook app. So, if you are on the road: just browse through FloriBook.

Product specifications and Stage of openings
Growers and traders have agreements on the quality of the products that are traded at the auction. These agreements relate to the product quality, grading, packaging and information on the product . The agreements are recorded in the VBN product specifications . You can find these specifications (in Dutch) and series of photos of stage of openings on the VBN- website.