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Floricode is a small, flexible organization with access to a large network within the sector. The key word is cooperation: after all, the world of ICT still involves human effort.

Its Board of Directors is made up of:

Gijs Kok (Chairman) - from the auction branch
Ron de Lange (secretary) - from the plant breeding and production branch
Leon Buskermolen (treasurer) - from the wholesale trading branch
Florian Faassen - from the production branche
Jos ten Have - from the production branche
Henk Poldervaart (advisor) - managing director Floricode

The board members were appointed in a personal capacity as based on their expertise and involvement with Floricode’s core activities and are not acting as representatives of a certain organization or company.

Floricode also has an advisory council made up of representatives from all the branches and organizations in the floriculture sector such as the VGB (wholesale trade), Plantum (plant breeding), Royal FloraHolland and Plantion (auctions) as well as GS1, VARB and Stichting Edibulb.

Based on the expertise held by the members of the Advisory Council, the council advises the management of Floricode on developing Floricode’s four key activities. The goal is to have Floricode’s products and services contribute as much as possible to the continued innovation and development of all the companies in the floriculture sector by using ICT and standardized messaging and coding systems in order to enhance their competitive position in the international market for floriculture products.

Finally, Floricode has two permanent workgroups:

  • The Standards Workgroup: responsible for the design and organization of messaging standardization
  • The Coding Workgroup: in charge of the design and implementation of product coding

Temporary project groups are set up to work on certain projects. Floricode also participates in project groups initiated by other organizations involved in reaching similar objectives.

Organizational structure: