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Floricode is a small, flexible organization with access to a large network within the sector. The key word is cooperation: after all, the world of ICT still involves human effort.

Its Board of Directors is made up of:

Gijs Kok (Chairman) - from the auction branch
André van der Linden - from the auction branch
Robbert Hamer - from the plant breeding branch (Florensis)
Michel van Hout - from the trading branch 
Florian Faassen - from the production branche (uncovered cultivations)
Jos ten Have - from the production branche (covered cultivations)
Henk Poldervaart (advisor) - managing director Floricode

The board members were appointed in a personal capacity as based on their expertise and involvement with Floricode’s core activities and are not acting as representatives of a certain organization or company.

Organizational structure:

When new developments occur in the sector in the field of digitization and standardization and Floricode may be able to play a role, the management can call on the specific expertise from within the sector. This 'think tank' meets on an ad hoc basis to jointly reflect on these developments at a strategic level and shape the desired approach. This can then lead, for example, to an innovation project.

The team of Floricode employees focuses mainly on regular management activities, such as product registration and the management of company and location codes, within 'Data Operations'. To ensure broad representation, Floricode has set up the DATA working group, consisting of delegates from companies in all sectors of floriculture, including breeding, nurseries, auctions and trading companies.
The DATA working group shares practical knowledge and experiences regarding Floricode's services and products, such as product registration, coding and the use of master data that Floricode manages and distributes. The working group provides the management with substantive advice on the desired development of Floricode's four core activities. The goal is to have Floricode’s products and services contribute as much as possible to the continued innovation and development of all the companies in the floriculture sector by using ICT and standardized messaging and coding systems in order to enhance their competitive position in the international market for floriculture products.

Innovation activities fall under 'Innovations'; these activities are taken up on a project basis together with interested parties from the floriculture industry. In project and/or working groups, new applications, including new standards, can be developed and tested. Upon successful completion of such a project, the results can be managed by Floricode and lead to (re)new(d) data services for growers, auctions and/or traders.