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Location codes


A location code is the identification of a location (in the ornamental horticulture which is coded with a "Global Location Number" (GLN).
One location can be used by one or multiple companies.

These are locations that are of importance for the logistics processes between suppliers, auctions, traders, and customers; locations where shipments of ornamental horticultural products are loaded and unloaded.

How to use

The location code can be printed with a barcode on a sign that is hung at the location so that a logistics service provider can scan the code during the loading or unloading of a shipment.

In various commercial electronic messages such as offers and orders and in logistic messages such as transport orders and package lists, the location codes are used to unambiguously specify the locations at which the event of loading and unloading of a shipment takes place.

How to obtain

The codes can be obtained via:


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