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Name check

A complete product name firstly consists of the genus name (Rosa, Dianthus, Ficus etc.), which may be followed by a species name (persicum, benjamina, macrophylla); lastly the full product name is completed with a cultivar or variety name (by Breeders Rights organisations called (proposed) denomination).

Genus name and species name are determined by international taxonomy. A variety name is a fantasy name which the winner/breeder of the product can give. The name must meet the internationally determined rules.

A variety name is unique within the genus.

Variety names which have been registered at a registration authority are vindicated. Re-use is not possible, except for rare exceptions.

You wish to name a new variety:
You can check the name by clicking on http://www.plantscope.nl and on the sites of Breeder’s Rights Organisations: http://www.kwekersrecht.nl & www.cpvo.europa.eu. Your fantasy name may also be an already protected trade name (Barbie ®).

The trade mark holder can forbid the use of this name in many fields. Therefore a check on trade mark is to be advised. See www.oami.europa.euwww.boip.intwww.tmdn.org of trademark-search.

You wish to give a trade name to a new variety:
Besides a variety name sometimes trade names are given to a product. On the registration form this name is stated separately. At the Dutch auctions the trade name is used. If there is no trade name, then the variety name is used.

The trade names is checked similarly to the variety name. Re-use is possible if there is no active auctioning code. If in the past the name was given by another breeder, a check on eventual trade mark rights must be made.