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Plant breeders, growers, auctions, buyers and everyone else in the floriculture sector who make use of digital information would like to be able to use the data generated by REGISTRATION, CODING and STANDARDISATION in their operations and in their own computer systems.

This is why Floricode is making all this data and information about its products and services available to users and their software providers. The data regarding product registrations, for example, are available through the Plantscope system (www.plantscope.nl). All the coded lists are posted daily or weekly to our API service, on the website and Floricode’s FTP site. You can also make use of the photographic images made for the product registrations. The SDK section of our website provides all the documentation relating to our messaging standards.

Accessing all this data requires subscribing to one or more of Floricode’s services.

Floricode supports users and software developers in implementing and using codes and messaging standards by offering them telephone assistance, newsletters, etc. Floricode also organizes various meetings and events every year to inform you about its latest developments.