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Color codes

Plants and flowers are characterized by color. Different classifications and codes are used to communicate about color. The color table presents them in their context. The color table is included on this page as a download.


On registration, the color is objectively established using a color sample chart issued by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Each color is indicated by a code, the RHS color code.


Each code corresponds to a description. In Plantscope®, the shared database and image archive for floricultural varieties, this color description is given for each product, along with the RHS code.

The RHS code corresponds to VBN characteristics B03 and B04 for the main and secondary colors of the flower, respectively.


The RHS code is a very detailed means of naming the color, so floricultural auctions also use a higher-level color classification: color codes B01 and B02 (for the main and secondary colors, respectively).