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The use of a standardized messages for electronic data interchange allows growers, auctions, buyers and others in the floriculture sector to exchange data online so that that they can improve their operations and conduct more and more of their activities online such as having a webshop to sell their floricultural products. By using standardized messages, companies are not limited to the use of specific ICT solutions used by a certain supplier or business partner. This also makes it easier for software companies to develop and manage their applications.

Floricode is developing and managing open messaging standards for the electronic exchange of commercial, logistical and financial information for use by the international floriculture sector. Floricode is basing its standards on international standards and norms and is thus actively cooperating with such organisations as the UN/CEFACT and GS1. Users, auctions and software companies are actively cooperating with Floricode on the further development and management of these messaging standards so that they will continue to respond to everyday practice and the latest developments in the field.

The SDK section of this website provides all the documentation relating to our messaging standards in EDIFACT and XML.

The documents listed below describe (in Dutch) the standardization policy, the procedures and the reports submitted by the standards working group that was responsible for Floricode’s standardization on behalf of the entire sector.


Item Type Date of publication
WGS Terms of Reference 20-10-2015
Releasebeleid 2015 (incl. Checklist review, Communicatiebeleid en RFC-aanvraag) 20-10-2015
Bijlage Releasebeleid 2015 -  Procedure bezwaar en beroep standaardiseren 20-10-2015

Standards Working Group

Item Type
Verslag WGS - week 16-2016 WGS wk07-2016
Verslag WGS - week 07-2016
WGS wk07-2016
Verslag WGS - week 51-2015
WGS wk51-2015
Verslag WGS - week 41-2015
WGS wk41-2015
Verslag WGS - week 24-2015
WGS wk24-2015
Verslag WGS - week 12-2015 WGS wk12-2015

General Information

Item Type
Filmpje: Floricode Standaarden  MP4
Filmpje: Wat zijn standaarden?  MP4