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Floricode Test Center

The Test Center makes it possible to test the messaging (XML and EDIFACT) sent between applications. Information in the messaging is provided in visual form accompanied by a test report that includes detailed error descriptions.

The Floricode Test Center checks messages at four levels:

  1. A check to see if the message satisfies the syntax criteria posed by EDIFACT or XML (well-formedness)
  2. A check to see if the message is valid in accordance with the EDIFACT convention manual or the Floricode XML scheme
  3. A check to see if the content of the message satisfies Floricode’s instructions for completing the message. These include the business rules (such as how many times an element occurs), as well as checks relating to the VBN product codes, sorting characteristics and GLN company codes.
  4. A check to see if the scenario rules have been followed. A test can consist of a succession of message threads that share elements such as references.

Authorization is required to access the Test Centre (http://testcentre.floricode.com).
A username and password can be requested at info@floricode.com


A short manual with working instructions is written  for our Test Centre which can be downloaded here: manual Floricode Test Centre.