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Downloading of the code lists is only available for subscribers.

Code lists

The code lists are increasingly being processed automatically in the computer systems used by growers, buyers, auctions and carriers. This makes Floricode the leading portal when it comes to standard codes used in the floriculture sector. Here at this website, Floricode makes all of its updated codes available to interested parties in the floriculture sector. For downloading all our code lists the General Terms and Conditions together with the Specific Conditions Availability Code lists are applicable.

The code lists are meant to be downloaded through an FTP client, only some of them are also through this page available.

Downloading code lists requires an subscription. After completing and sending the application form to Floricode, you will receive a user name and password. The application form "application form access to code lists' can be found on this page. Of course you can always contact us via info@floricode.com to discuss the best possible solution for you.

The Participant list is only available for companies that participate in this service.

For the digital processing of the code lists in your own applications, we recommend taking out an FTP subscription.

The explanatory documents describe the organization of information into tables and indicate how frequently Floricode posts the various code lists. Most of the documents are only available in Dutch.

Overview code packages

Available in code package

1 2 Through
Product and feature type codes
x x web & ftp
Company and location codes
x x web & ftp
Other codes (including data elements)
x x web & ftp
Logistic means codes
x x web & ftp
Auction group codes Royal FloraHolland
x x web & ftp
ISO code lists

x ftp
e-CertNL code lists

x ftp
GPC code lists (incl. colour codes)

x ftp
Custom codes

x ftp

General documentation code lists

General Implementation Guidelines for Coding 1.3 Download

Overview distribution sets

Set File name
Description Download
HelpCompany codes v1.4 FEC010104.zip Download Floricode Product Coderingen
Company codes v1.4
Date of production: 19-9-2012
Publication interval: Weekly
HelpEOS Participant list v2.0 FEC040200.zip Download n/a*
EOS Participant list v2.0
Date of production: 2-02-2012
Publication interval: Weekly
HelpCustom codes v1.0 FLC040101.zip Download n/a*
Custom codes v1.0
Date of production: 01-01-2018
Publication interval: Yearly
HelpGPC codes (incl. kleurcodes) v1.0 FLC020101.zip Download n/a*
GPC codes (incl. colour codes) v1.0
Date of production: 29-01-2016
Publication interval: Monthly
HelpISO Codes v1.1 ISO010101.zip Download n/a*
ISO codes v1.1
Date of production: 04-12-2008
Publication interval: Yearly
HelpLocation codes v1.4 FEC020104.zip Download Floricode Product Coderingen
Location codes v1.4
Date of production: 19-09-2012
Publication interval: Weekly
HelpOther codes v1.1 FEC030101.zip Download Floricode Product Coderingen
Other coderingen v1.1
Date of production: 18-09-2009
Publication interval: Monthly
HelpProduct and feature codes v1.0 FlorecomPC2.zip Download Floricode Product Coderingen
Product and feature codes v1.0
Date of production: dd-mm-jjjj
Publication interval: Daily
HelpVBN logistical resource codes v1.1 VBN020101.zip Download VBN020101
VBN logistical resource codes v1.1
Date of production: 28-03-2008
Publication interval: Weekly
HelpRoyal FloraHolland auction group codes v1.0 FHC010101.zip Download Auction codes
Royal FloraHolland auction group codes v1.0
Date of production: dd-mm-jjjj
Publication interval: Daily

* these distribution sets are only available through FTP, not through this page.