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General Documentation

The basics from the architecture for the Floricode standards are described in the following documents which can be found underneath on this page:

  • The high level description of the 'Ornamental Horticultural Industry'
  • The 'Glossary' in which the vocabulary of the industry is explained both in English and in Dutch
  • The description of the model for the coding of ornamental products, the so called 'LINNAEUS Data Model'
  • The high level description of the Commercial, Logistic and Financial processes in the supply chain, the so called 'CLF Process Model'
  • The explanation of the most important identifiers in the Floricode standard messages, the 'Identification Keys'
  • The description of the reference technique to be used in Floricode messages, the 'Reference Conventions'

About the transport layer for data exchange you can find the following documents:

  • The conversation protocols
  • The transport protocols


 TitleModified DateSize
Handleiding Documentatie Methodiek NL2018/3/8585.32 KB
Manual Documentation Methodology UK2019/8/1494.92 KB


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize
Ornamental Horticultural Industry Description 1.2Sept. 20132013/11/20585.58 KB
Ornamental Horticultural Industry Glossary NEWMaart 20142019/8/1836.05 KB


 TitleModified DateSize
Linnaeus model Bloemen en Planten 2.20 NL2023/5/23684.56 KB
Linnaeus model Flowers and Plants 2.20 UK2023/5/23685.08 KB
CLF Process Model 2.02016/11/22810.31 KB
Identification Keys 1.02017/1/91.39 MB
Reference Conventions 2.02016/11/22957.92 KB


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize
Conversation & Transport protocolsJuly 20102010/10/1352.82 KB
Conversation & Transport protocolsJuly 20122012/7/26516.25 KB
Conversation & Transport protocolsSept. 20132014/4/10565.75 KB
Error codes for all implementationsAll2017/5/5178.50 KB
EDIfact e-mail transport 1.0Jan. 20132013/1/31336.05 KB