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FloraMondo is the new online trading platform of Royal FloraHolland. Clock Presales and Direct Sales are both united in this system. Growers offer their entire supply in one place, and buyers can utilise FloraMondo as their purchase channel.

Download of the documentation is only available for registered users. Sign up at info@floricode.com.

You are interested in a FloraMondo webshop link

A customer can subscribe to the webshop link by activating the FloraMondo buyers service in MyFloraHolland. The request is sent to Customer Service, after which the Digital Services Coordinator (DSD) contacts the customer. The DSD will ask which software supplier the customer is using. 

It requires a Statement of Conformity from Floricode to connect to FloraMondo. This means that you (software supplier) was tested in the Floricode Test Center. If you as a software supplier does not have a Statement of Conformity, you must first report to the Floricode Foundation to gain access to the SDK and CC VMP Message set. This provides information on the specifications required to build and test the link. 

Once you have the Statement of Conformity the FloraMondo 0.7 specifications can be downloaded here on the Floricode website. You can then carry out tests with FloraMondo in Royal FloraHolland’s test environment.


Nieuwe versie invulinstructies FloraMondo - 2017年8月14日

Royal FloraHolland heeft een verbeterde versie van de invulinstructies van FloraMondo opgesteld. 

Nieuwe invulinstructies 0.7 v5.0 gepubliceerd - 2016年8月18日

De kwekervoorraadkoppeling wordt nu door FloraMondo ondersteund (CC VMP 0.7), die koppeling was eerst een VMP 0.5 implementatie. 

FloraMondo invulinstructies CLOCKT en EOS gepubliceerd - 2014年10月9日

De FloraMondo invulinstructies CLOCKT 3.7 en EOS ORDRSP 2.1 zijn gepubliceerd onder de betreffende EDIFACT Berichtenstandaarden

Conformiteitsverklaring voor FloraMondo - 2014年10月3日

Tweet van Paul Sap - FloraMondo: De koperskoppeling voor de directe verkoop (e-Trade) is door @Floricode goedgekeurd. Vanaf maandag testen met softwareleveranciers.
De specificaties vindt u binnenkort op deze pagina.