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Label community (stickers)

Labels (e.g. stickers) are used on products, packages and logistic means to describe, present or identify product and order information. This community is initiated to agree on specific business rules for the processing and handling of stickers to support the logistics processes of the buyer in the floricultural industry. It was founded in 2012 (June) by Hamiplant, Javado, Ten Have Plant and Oriental Group with the support of the software suppliers Adfocom and SDF.

Currently, this community is implementing the Floricode Label Message version 0.7 for exchange of labelinformation between growers (Oriental Group and Ten Have Plant) and traders (Hamiplant and Javadoplant). Involved software suppliers are SDF, Olsthoorn and Adfocom.

Requests for changes can be submitted via the Floricode RFC site.

Statement of Conformity
When good results are obtained by software developers using the Floricode TestCenter for their software, a  "Statement of Conformity" will be awarded. 
Certificates have been merited to:
- SDF Tuinbouwautomatisering - SDF version 170 (Lable 0.7 - supplier application)
- Advisor ICT Solutions -  Match-Online voor kweker en kopers version R2 2013 (Lable 0.7 - supplier application)
- JEM-id - FloraXchange version (Lable 0.7 - buyer application and Lable 0.7 supplier application)
- Mprise Indigo - Agriware version 4 (Lable 0.7 - supplier application)

Download of documentation is only allowed for registered users. You can subscribe via e-mail: info@floricode.com