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General Documentation

The basics from the architecture for the Floricode standards are described in the following documents which can be found underneath on this page:

  • The high level description of the 'Ornamental Horticultural Industry'
  • The 'Glossary' in which the vocabulary of the industry is explained both in English and in Dutch
  • The description of the model for the coding of ornamental products, the so called 'LINNAEUS Data Model'
  • The high level description of the Commercial, Logistic and Financial processes in the supply chain, the so called 'CLF Process Model'
  • The explanation of the most important identifiers in the Floricode standard messages, the 'Identification Keys'
  • The description of the reference technique to be used in Floricode messages, the 'Reference Conventions'

About the transport layer for data exchange you can find the following documents:

  • The conversation protocols
  • The transport protocols


 TitleModified DateSize
Handleiding Documentatie Methodiek NL08.03.2018585,32 KB
Manual Documentation Methodology UK01.08.2019494,92 KB


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize
Ornamental Horticultural Industry Description 1.2Sept. 201320.11.2013585,58 KB
Ornamental Horticultural Industry Glossary NEWMaart 201401.08.2019836,05 KB


 TitleModified DateSize
Linnaeus model Bloemen en Planten 2.20 NL23.05.2023684,56 KB
Linnaeus model Flowers and Plants 2.20 UK23.05.2023685,08 KB
CLF Process Model,31 KB
Identification Keys,39 MB
Reference Conventions,92 KB


 TitleCategoryModified DateSize
Conversation & Transport protocolsJuly 201001.10.2010352,82 KB
Conversation & Transport protocolsJuly 201226.07.2012516,25 KB
Conversation & Transport protocolsSept. 201310.04.2014565,75 KB
Error codes for all implementationsAll05.05.2017178,50 KB
EDIfact e-mail transport 1.0Jan. 201331.01.2013336,05 KB