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Ordering Systematics

Floricodeā€™s ordering systematics allows growers and buyers to communicate in the same digital language since it uses standardized messages for placing and processing orders through the various digital networks. Growers and wholesale traders are reaping the benefits of the ordering systematics throughout the entire transaction process: from submitting the offer to placing the order, confirming the order, and arranging for transport and delivery, to billing.

The advantages
  • Time savings and convenience
  • Fewer errors: the data is forwarded to the EAB software
  • Fewer misunderstandings: all the agreements are recorded/confirmed in digital form
  • Extra service for your customers: you can process orders electronically
  • More efficiency by connecting with PlantConnect.nl, for example, and other sites such as the ones with webshops that use the Floricode standards.

The ordering system involves 6 steps

  1. The grower submits his offer to PlantConnect.nl and/or his computer and sends it to the wholesale trader or to PlantConnect.nl.
  2. The buyer sees the offer at PlantConnect.nl and/or on his computer, makes up an order and sends this to the grower.
  3. The grower confirms the order and the same data is used to generate an EAB.

    The next steps can also be taken separately from the ordering system:
  4. The buyer receives a delivery message (usually before the products are delivered to the auction or wholesale trader), the products are dispatched and delivered to the buyer, and the product is invoiced (usually before the EAB is sent to the auction).
  5. The grower receives a batch accountability
  6. The buyer receives an invoice

English (US) (Brochure and application form)