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Floricode manages master data
Floricode manages a large number of data sets for floriculture. We do this together with interested parties and users. Our data are so-called "master data"; these data are the key data about floriculture products, companies and articles. The data from these files are used daily by growers, buyers, auctions, carriers and others when exchanging digital orders, deliveries and invoices. After all, an order contains data about the product, the characteristics, the packaging, the producer, the supplier, the loading and unloading location, etc. etc.

Floricode distributes master data
Floricode makes this master data available to its users via various data sets.
The method of data distribution is developing very rapidly with modern IT. Users also want to have access to the most up-to-date and complete data sets faster and preferably daily. Floricode is now responding to this by disclosing the master data via APIs. This makes it possible to make the data available up-to-date on a daily basis to users: "anytime, anyplace, 7/24 online".

Floricode develops APIs for ...
Data sets that are /come available via an API:

  • Certificate data + company codes
  • Company codes
  • Location codes + company codes
  • Product codes
  • Logistic means codes
  • Auction group codes Royal FloraHolland
  • Other codings inclusive data elements
  • Colour codes
  • Global Product Classification codes (GPC)
  • E-Cert (Client Export)
  • Custom codes
  • ISO codes
  • Botanic data
  • Images of Products 


Floricode publishes APIs
The specifications of the APIs are documented by Floricode and made available as a SWAGGER document. For modern developers it is no problem to make this data available for you as a user in your applications.

Your API subscription with Floricode
End users (such as growers, buyers, transporters, auctions) take out an API subscription with Floricode. You can specify exactly which data sets you will use. Various rates apply, depending on the size and importance of the relevant data set. Ask us about the current rates.
As soon as you have taken out a subscription, you will receive a username and password from Floricode with which you can access the relevant data sets. You can then apply this data to your own business without restrictions.

Do you want to register? Complete the relevant application form that you can find on our website.
Or do you have questions? Then contact is via info@floricode.com.

On request a free API application is available for a limited period for software developers and companies who first of all want to test our API. This free application only gives access to a limited amount of actual production data.